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Message From President

Warm welcome to Nepalese Society of Emergency Physicians (NSEP)!

NSEP was established by qualified Emergency Physicians of Nepal as a company not distributing profit having incorporated it on the 31 day of October 2017 pursuant to sub-section (1) of section 5 of the Companies Act 2006 with registration number 177221/074/075 Government of Nepal with the aim and objective of further development of Emergency Medicine in Nepal.

We are honoured and proud of being Full Member of International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM). It has been a tough journey since we have also been through similar processes and challenges that are faced by the Emergency Physicians across the world to form such societies. We would like to express our sincere thanks to every member country of IFEM who has supported  NSEP to stand in this World of Emergency Medicine.

We welcome you all take membership of NSEP following the Act of IFEM membership formation for those who are willing to be Emergency Physicians or with  additional training in Emergency Medicine. NSEP also welcomes other different specialities to be its member fulfilling the requirement of the membership. In addition, NSEP is also open for membership under the category of Emergency Nurses and Emergency Paramedics as we believe that the Emergency Healthcare System is in harmony with such dynamic teams of Emergency service providers in Nepal. We would like to welcome our International Teams and Organizations to join hand in hand with NSEP in development process of Emergency Medicine in all its aspects in the coming days.

Once again, thank you everyone for being with NSEP!

Dr Ramesh Kumar Maharjan, MBBS, MDGP, DM EM